About Us

WMr Remoteelcome to Mr Remote

We stock a wide range of Gate, Garage Door and Alarm Remotes. With more than 15 years in the Security Industry, Mr Remote was founded to help the public purchase remotes at a reasonable cost as easily as possible. We strive to replace your favorite remote with an identical version. If your remote is discontinued by the manufacturer we will help supply an equivalent. Mr Remote keep the largest range of remotes available. Each remote has multiple pictures of each remote to make sure you order the right one.

In addition we stock (when available) spare parts to repair remotes such as batteries and buttons. Remotes normally control many homes first line of defense and are therefore a crucial product protecting family and loved ones, if you need any help, send us a mail we’ll do our best to help! We strive to ship remotes in 12 hours of order and payment!