GP23A 12v Alkaline Remote Battery
GP23A 12v Alkaline Remote Battery

SPARE – GP23A 12v Alkaline Remote Battery

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Replacement or spare battery for most gate, garage and alarm remotes.

GP23A 12v Alkaline Remote Battery for gate remotes, garage door remotes and alarm remotes. Commonly used by Centurion Systems , ET Systems, D.A.C.E, Digidoor, Sherlotronics, Gemini, Sentry, Griffon, Qtron, Bartronic, Mami and many others. Should your remote range be shorter than normal or the LED (Light) dimmer than normal the battery is low and needs replacement. The GP23A batteries typically have a Manganese Dioxide chemical system and once used should be disposed in a responsible manner. Never store multiple batteries together without packaging protecting the terminals. Should you remote oxidize on the terminals, clean the affected terminal with a small amount of terminal cleaner and protect by rubbing a small amount of petroleum jelly on the terminal before replacing the battery.

GP23A 12v Alkaline Remote Battery specifications:

Dimensions: 28.5mm X 10.3mm

Nominal Voltage: 12 Volts

Typical weight: 8 grams

Typical Capacity: 55mAh to 6.0 Volts


Energizer Technical PDF for GP23A


The GP23a Battery is also a replacement for equivalent batteries: GP23A, GP23, LRV08, L1028, RVO8, 23A, MS21, MN21, E23A, K23A, V23GA, 8LR932, 8LR23, VR22, 8F10R, CA20, MN21/23, 3LR50, A23, 23AE, A23, A23S, P23GA, 23GA, A23, E23A, GP-23A, GP23A, K23A, L1028, LR23A, LRV08, LRVO8, MN21, MS21, V23, V23GA, VR22, GP23A, RVO8, 23A, 8LR932, 8LR23, 8F10R, CA20, A23, 23AE, 1811A, MB21, PX32A, TR164, E164, V164PX, 4NR52, 1404M, HM-4N (Yashica 35), PX32B, PX32AB, 23-144


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